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Friday open thread: Will you watch the XFL 2.0?

Do you have any interest in the alternative football league?


On Thursday, it was officially announced the XFL would return in 2020, trying to improve upon the 2001 disaster that resulted in just one season before folding.

Details are still scant on the league, but it appears it will debut in the first few months of the 2020 calendar year in the hopes to fill some of the time during the NFL offseason. There will be eight teams that will each play 10 games, followed by a four-team playoff.

Vince McMahon promises a faster (game length: 2 hours), improved game from the first go-around, but with such little details about talent-level and accessibility, it’s hard to know how successful he’ll be with those goals.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Will you watch the XFL when it returns in 2020?

My answer: I will likely treat the XFL much like I did the first time. I’ll watch it when it debuts, and that’s likely to be it. For all the deserved criticism that the XFL got back in 2001, it did actually revolutionized how we watch football today. It introduced the skycam, they were the first to actually do sideline interview during the game, and they also introduced the self-introduction that both Monday and Sunday Night Football do with the starting lineups on each side of the ball.

That’s all to say that I don’t doubt McMahon’s ability to create something inventive and actually useful with the XFL. He typically has a pretty good sense of what the ordinary fan wants in a football game, and his goal to make games only two hours long proves that.

However, it will all come down to talent level, and I just don’t see how the XFL will bridge that gap this time around. The football was horrible in 2001, and there’s no clear plan on how to make it any different today. I think chances are pretty good I watch it once and then never again, but the fact that it’s planning on being played in the NFL offseason certainly increases my chances of sticking around.

Your turn.


Will you watch the new XFL?

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  • 45%
    Yes, it’s football
    (275 votes)
  • 37%
    I’ll try it out once
    (227 votes)
  • 16%
    (97 votes)
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