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2017 NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LII predictions

The Pride of Detroit staff makes their Super Bowl predictions.

2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game: Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys

The 2017 NFL Playoffs are just a day away, and although our Detroit Lions are no longer in contention, we’re still going to be watching. Why? Because of the very simple math equation known as Sanders’ Principle: Football > No Football.

So I gathered up the Pride of Detroit crew one last time to make their Super Bowl LII predictions. Enjoy.

Jerry Mallory - Chiefs over Panthers

The NFC is Golden Tate vs. a Packers team trying to lose their last game: wide open. I can’t in good conscience put a Case Keenum or a Nick Foles in the SB. I’m stubbornly sticking with my preseason choice to win it all in the Chiefs in hopes to look really smart.

Ryan Mathews - Saints over Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes takes over for a listless Alex Smith and nearly outduels Drew Brees in the season’s biggest game of the year. The Chiefs come up short when Andy Reid becomes so enamored with his quarterback he forgets he has Kareem Hunt, like he did in the middle of the season.

Andrew Kato - Jaguars over Panthers

Both teams can pressure the quarterback and play defense, but most of all are committed to establishing the run. Jacksonville, however, is more committed to establishing the run and has the edge in turnover ratio, so they win the 1995 Expansion Bowl in a slobber knocker of a slugfest.

Mike Payton - Steelers over Saints

This game will have everything you could ever hope to see... offensively, at least. Get ready for a shootout of epic proportions. But it will be the Steelers taking home the Lombardi, and Big Ben riding off into the sunset forever.

Justin Simon - Steelers over Vikings

The Vikings will have home field advantage for the Super Bowl, but the Steelers have the better quarterback and Super Bowl experience.

Kent Lee Platte - Jaguars over Saints

The Jags defense is the best in the NFL and the only one remaining I feel could comfortably contain both Drew Brees and the Saints deadly backfield.

Kyle Yost - Patriots over Rams

New England has not always looked dominant this season but still ended up atop the AFC. Meanwhile, the offense of the Rams should be enough to carry them to the final game, where they will fall just short in a Super Bowl XXXVI repeat.

Alex Reno - Saints over Patriots

I’m a believer in the Saints despite their awful loss to Tampa Bay in Week 17. The Saints’ offense is what I wish the Lions had, and I’m still upset that Marshon Lattimore didn’t land in Detroit.

Jeremy Reisman - Patriots over Vikings

A boring pick, I know, but it seems destined to happen. The Vikings have a defense capable of swallowing offenses like the Rams’ whole, and they don’t need turnovers to do it. They also have an offense that can contend with any team still alive. But you won’t ever see me picking against the Patriots. Vikings lose in front of their home crowd in devastating fashion.

Chris Perfett - Rams over Patriots

Each year I look for a reason the Patriots won’t trounce the swamplands of the AFC, and each year they do anyway. I give up. Instead, I will turn my irrational hopes to the Rams, give a middle finger to talk about “inexperience” in playoffs and get everyone good and frothing mad about a potential LA championship. Playoff tickets for Rams-Falcons are right now about $85, they can’t get them out the door for enough people. I’m probably gonna grab one and I don’t even care for Rams football. I love this city’s apathy for transient sports teams.

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