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Detroit Lions Week 4 Song of the Game: ‘Ways to Go’

We’re not quite there yet.

OZY FEST 2018 Presented By - Day 2 Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for Ozy Media

Song of the Game is back. Each week, we’ll use a song to describe our feeling or the Lions’ performance from the previous game. At the end of the year, we’ll have a complete Spotify playlist telling the story of the Lions’ 2018 season. You can check out the 2017 playlist here, and our explanations for our choices here.

There was plenty of hype surrounding the Lions coming into Sunday’s matchup against the Dallas Cowboys, mostly because of their dominant victory over the Patriots last week. Not many expected it, but the Lions suddenly were back into the thick of things, with the possibility of moving out from the basement of the NFC North.

Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys Song of the Game: “Ways to Go” by Grouplove

“I didn’t ask for this
You give me heart attack...”

But as we’ve seen so many times before, the Lions let us down. They lost a winnable game—a game where Dallas’ own fans didn’t even think they’d win—and they lost it in heartbreaking fashion.

Just one lucky bounce, one less penalty flag or one shanked kick and the Cardiac Cats pull off a win moving to 2-2. We were left with a bunch of squandered opportunities and what-ifs.

“...I didn’t want to care
and then I saw you there...”

It’s funny how reactionary fans can be when it comes to football. With just 16 games in the regular season, every game means so much. If the Lions lose that game against the Patriots, all confidence in the team gets thrown out the window. Instead, they absolutely crush last year’s Super Bowl runner-ups on national television and all hope is restored.

Imagine how hype Ford Field would have been had the Lions won this game and had a chance to move ahead of the Green Bay Packers, who they host next Sunday in Detroit.

You got me believing again, Lions. I was invested. And then you let me down.

“I got a little bit longer, I got a ways to go”

If we learned anything from this game, it’s that the Lions just aren’t quite there yet. Patricia irks us to be patient, and while we may not like it, we don’t really have a choice. This team—specifically this defense—has a long way to go.

Like many songs, “Ways to Go” is about a boy-girl relationship, but you can draw many parallels from it to the Lions. It’s also got a very uplifting feel to it, which is also okay, because while the Lions continue to rip out my heart from my chest, I feel that they’re definitely heading in the right direction still, yes? Oh geez, I hope so.

(If you don’t see the playlist above, click here.)