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Detroit Lions fans are split on team’s playoff chances in 2018

There is little consensus on the fate of the 2018 Lions.

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

At this point in the NFL season, it’s still really hard to make sense of the league. Teams are still playing wildly inconsistent week-to-week and only a few have truly emerged as contenders or pretenders.

This isn’t all that abnormal. Just ask Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who claims you don’t really even know your own team until halfway through the season.

“Midseason to me is always about the time where I think you kind of know what you have,” Belichick said back in 2017. “September, I think we’re all trying to figure out a little bit. You go into the season thinking one thing and then after you play three or four games, a lot of time you’re not as good at some things as you thought you were or maybe you’re better at some other things than you might have thought you were. Maybe some guys are performing higher, some guys lower, whatever. It takes a little while to find that equilibrium.”

The Lions certainly qualify for that identity crisis. Through five games, they’ve beaten Belichick’s Patriots and their division rival Packers, but also dropped games to the Jets, 49ers and Cowboys. They’re a game out of first place in the division but also all alone in last place.

So this week, we asked fans to try and assess the team at their bye week—a tough task for even the people within the organization. Will this 2-3 Lions team make the postseason?

You all answered with the proper indecision:

It’s very easy to see both sides of the equation here. On the pro-playoffs side, you have the fact that the Lions have already beaten two very competitive teams. They are also playing in a division that has three other flawed teams. Each NFC North team has at least one bad loss on their resume and clear weakness on their roster. At this point, it truly feels like anyone’s division.

On the other hand, the Lions’ defense is currently playing like one of the worst in the league, and just about every stat will corroborate that. They’re ranked 30th in DVOA, and they’ve also dropped a couple games they had no business losing if they’re going to truly be a contender.

So who are these Lions and will they make the postseason this year? As Belichick noted, we probably won’t know for a couple of week, but expect some clarity soon, because trouble is coming:

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