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NFC North Week 4 recap: 2 teams dominate, the other looks pretty in a loss

The NFC North bounces back after a rough Week 4.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears obliterate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48-10

The Bucs secondary forgot how to play football. I don’t think I have ever seen a defense look as bad as Tampa Bay did on Sunday.

Mitchell Trubisky usually has trouble spotting open receivers, so the Bucs made it easy for him and made sure that all of his receivers were open receivers. The quarterback threw for six touchdown passes — five in the first half — and the Bears looked like they were playing a CFL team.

While I would love to just harp on about how the Bucs are bad, I have to give Trubisky some credit here too. He actually looked like a great quarterback for the first time since the first quarter of Week 1.

Oh yeah, and Khalil Mack is still pummeling everyone in his path. He now has at least one sack and one forced fumble in every game this season. For contrast, his former team, the Oakland Raiders, allowed 42 points to the Browns in Baker Mayfield’s first career start.

Next week the Bears go into their bye before playing the Miami Dolphins in the “are they actually good?” bowl.

Next week: Bye

Minnesota Vikings fall short against the Los Angeles Rams 38-31

Kirk Cousins bounced back big time from the stinker he laid in Buffalo Week 3. He threw for 422 yards and three touchdowns and also led the team with 28 rushing yards. The Rams are a freight train, though, so they still lost.

It sounds odd to say that the Vikings loss makes them look like a better team. Los Angeles has been steamrolling everyone in their path this season, though, and the Vikings staying relevant against them until the very end is a pretty big accomplishment. Their daunted secondary was exposed, but their are not many teams they will face that are as hard to defend as the Rams.

A rematch of the NFC championship game this week against the Philadelphia Eagles — who are having issues of their own — is a chance for them to get their season back on track. A loss will drop them to 1-3-1, though, and their offensive line may have a tough time dealing with the Eagles front seven.

Minnesota has problems, but they should be fine. I hope it all falls apart for them and the Lions sweep them, but they’ll probably be fine.

Next: @ Eagles

The Green Bay Packers are mad about beating the Buffalo Bills 22-0

The Packers beat another NFL team 22-0. It wasn’t a pretty 22-0, but they scored 22 points and allowed zero against a professional football team - a professional football team that laid the hammer on their fierce rivals a week earlier.

While a lot of Lions fans seemed to be annoyed by Aaron Rodgers and the man’s constant search for perfection, I kind of like it. I wish he would be nice and let us win the division every once in a while, but a quarterback who’s willing to throw his coaches under the bus after a 22-0 win creates the drama that Twitter idiots like me live for.

Rodgers does have a point. There was really nothing that impressive about this win. The defense pitched a shutout, sure, but Josh Allen and the Bills offense is terrible. The offense had trouble finding its footing. They still scored 22 points and won an NFL game, though.

An angry Rodgers is a scary Rodgers. I imagine that the Packers coaches will try to play-call the best game of their life this week to appease him and he will take out his frustration on the poor team that has to meet him next week.

Next: @ Lions


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