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PODcast recaps Lions-Cowboys, begs Detroit to pay Golden Tate

PODcast tries to focus on the good, when there’s a lot of bad around.

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Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The PODcast doesn’t like talking about losses, but we do the deed because some of you have decided that the vibrations of our vocal chords don’t cause you distress or dismay. We appreciate that, and it’s why we convene every week.

This week, we have the unfortunate task of breaking down the Detroit Lions’ 24-26 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. It certainly wasn’t as bad as previous games, but watching Ezekiel Elliott destroy the Lions’ run defense was as pleasurable as it was surprising. However, we break it all down on this week’s episode.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • We all knew Elliott was the man to stop... so why didn’t the Lions even slow him down?
  • Jarrad Davis may have blown the final play of the game, but he overall played... well? Progress.
  • Does this week’s loss to the Cowboys discount the Lions’ win over the Patriots?
  • PAY. THE. MAN. The PODcast crew relives Golden Tate’s fantastic performance in Dallas and pleads with the Detroit Lions to give him the contract he deserves this upcoming offseason (or earlier).
  • We try to pick out the positives from Sunday’s game, including another promising performance from Da’Shawn Hand, Matthew Stafford’s top five performance
  • Jeremy rants more about everyone freaking out over Kerryon Johnson’s nine carries.
  • Across the NFL, the Vikings defense is bad? Mitchell Trubisky is good? Why is this year so weird already?
  • Mailbag talks fall food, apple cider, waffles vs. pancakes and any regrets in not making a move for Khalil Mack?