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Thursday open thread: Where does the Damon Harrison trade rank in all-time Detroit Lions trades?

Is this a top-five trade of all-time?

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

We’re far from knowing just how much the Detroit Lions’ trade for Damon Harrison Sr. will pay off. Hell, as of early Thursday morning, the team has yet to even confirm the trade, even though a handful of Lions players are already tweeting about it—including Harrison himself:

But while we don’t know if the Lions will truly improve much with this move, rarely have we ever seen a transaction so universally loved by both fans and national analysts. 95 percent of Lions fans gave the trade an “A” grade, while just about any NFL writer that had a take on the trade framed it in a positive fashion for Detroit.

The Lions don’t get the national spotlight all that often, and when they do, it’s usually something poor. So today’s Question of the Day is:

Where do you think the Lions’ trade for Damon Harrison ranks in all-time franchise trades?

My answer: I have to think this is going to land somewhere in the top 10, possibly top five. While I think Snacks immediately becomes one of the best players on this defense, the Lions aren’t going to have him for a super long time. This isn’t the kind of transformative trade that will change the trajectory of the franchise, like when Detroit traded for Bobby Layne in the 50s.

However, in terms of value, this trade ranks right up there with sending Roy Williams to the Cowboys for first, third and sixth-round pick. Harrison is an All-Pro talent at a highly underrated position, and Detroit just got him for what amounts to a draft lottery ticket and a relatively reasonable contact.

Because of that, I think this trade could go down as a top three trade of all time for the Detroit Lions.

Your turn.

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