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Detroit Lions fans have fifth-highest confidence in NFL

The Kool Aid is flowing like wine.

Detroit Lions v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Remember a month ago when the Detroit Lions general manager was on thin ice, and fans were already preparing to slot Nick Bosa to Detroit in their 2019 NFL mock drafts?

That seems like ages ago in the NFL season, as the Lions are now winners of two straight, including a decisive win over the then 4-2 Miami Dolphins. They’ve now taken down three teams that currently hold winning records, despite losing three games to teams with losing records.

If that seems confusing, it’s because it is. However, Lions fans have never been more confident in this 2018 team.

In our weekly FanPulse survey, Lions fans posted a season-high confidence level of 86 percent.

As you can see, Lions fans didn’t even enter Week 1 with this level of confidence in the direction of the franchise.

Detroit remains third in their division at 3-3 overall, but fans are riding the wave of a two-game winning streak. Their 86 percent confidence level is not only their highest of the season, but it’s the fifth highest of all NFL teams in Week 8. Only fans of the Chiefs (99 percent), Saints (97 percent), Colts (91 percent???), and Rams (100 percent) have higher confidence than Detroit right now.

Oh, and this survey was given before the Lions traded for Damon Harrison Sr. Imagine how high confidence levels would be right now had this been taken into account.

The rest of the NFC North remains relatively unshaken after Week 7, with only the Packers seemingly in panic mode right now. Here are the corresponding confidence levels:

Packers: 32 percent (down 2 after bye week)
Bears: 84 percent (down 1 after loss to Patriots)
Vikings: 80 percent (up 5 after win over Jets)

With all four teams in action this week, we’re likely to see a little more movement in confidence levels for Week 9.

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