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The Rowe Report: Dolphins get Kerry’d away (ha get it)

The sixth episode of our newest Detroit Lions YouTube series.

The Detroit Lions defeat the Miami Dolphins 32-21 and walk away with that W, bringing Detroit to a 3-3 record.

While many players on the team had a great game, much of the focus was on rookie running back Kerryon Johnson. Racking up a total of 158 rushing yards, his performance was so solid that the entire halftime show was dedicated to him.

And with Johnson making play after play, Lions had their best rushing day since 1997 at 248 yards. It turns out 1997 is quite a long time ago. In fact, we list a few things that happened in 1997—for perspective, of course.

Ever-reliable Matt Prater kicked four successful field goals, including a impressive 50-yarder. He did so well that it elicited a reaction from one Detroit fan who laughed in the face of all who said you can’t play video games as a career.

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Kellie Rowe is a contributor from Fox 2 News.