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Lions vs. Seahawks: What Just Happened?

A collection of thoughts on the Lions’ Week 8 loss.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Well that sucked. It’s a typical feeling that we all feel too often. Things were going really well. The Lions had won three of their last four games, and it looked like this was a team poised to turn things around. They even traded for an elite defensive tackle earlier in the week.

Then they went out and lost an ugly game to the Seahawks and went back to looking like that team we all feared they were early in the season.

As always, I have thoughts on this game. These are those thoughts.

Dr. Defense and Mr. Really Bad Defense

Who is this defense? These guys looked like a team that had started to figure it out in the last few weeks. They were getting to the quarterback and stopping the run. They looked like world beaters at times against the Dolphins and Packers.

Surely the addition of Damon Harrison Sr. would only help the Lions get better and better.

But the the Seahawks offense tore through the Lions like I tear through a bag of pretzels when I’m just trying to open it neatly and wind up tearing the bag in half and spilling it everywhere.

Russell Wilson threw three touchdowns and competed 82 percent of his passes. Chris Carson ran for 105 yards and a touchdown. The Lions effectively wiped away all the progress they had shown recently. Even Lions defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois thought something was really wrong.

The Lions need to fix their issues and do it quick. They should definitely remain active at the trade deadline, as well. Their schedule is about to get a little insane in the coming weeks.

Harrison was good when he played

Lost in this bad loss is the fact that new Lions defensive tackle “Snacks” Harrison actually had a pretty dang good showing. Sadly, it was all very limited.

The Lions clearly limited Harrison’s snaps on Sunday, but in that time, he led the team with seven solo tackles and added a sack in there, too. Imagine if he would have played a starter’s share of snaps.

After this loss, they should be calling me Snacks. Because I’m about to eat my feelings.

Kerryon Johnson looks good again

Another thing lost in this game was that Kerryon showed that he can be more of just a rushing threat.

The rookie running back caught six passes for 69 yards. Nice. He also added one of the coldest damn trucks I’ve seen since Stafford laid out Perrish Cox out in 2016. Look at it.

Matthew made two bad decisions in an otherwise okay game

As you can see, he knows it too. For much of Sunday, Stafford had another pretty good day on the stat sheet. But it’s evident that the Lions couldn’t get that run game going when you see that he threw the ball 40 times. That’s nearly double what he did in Week 7.

He still completed 67 percent of his passes and threw for 310 yards and two touchdowns, but what will be highlighted is the two big mistakes—and they really should be.

Don’t let the score totally fool you. The Lions were given several great opportunities in the second half and we’re moving the ball really well at times, especially in the fourth quarter.

The Lions had just got into Seahawks territory when Stafford fumbled the ball on a scramble to get out of the pocket. It’s clear he wanted to throw and was just looking for space without being fully aware of his surroundings. It happens.

The second turnover was just ridiculous from a guy who’s one of the best in the league. You have to just get rid of the ball at that point, especially when you’re so close to scoring. That’s two chances the Lions blew that could have potentially tied the game.

It’s time to part with Ameer Abdullah

When you’re already on thin ice and someone offers you help to get off that ice, you don’t jump around on the ice like you’re Earthquake circa 1993.

That’s what Abdullah did when he fumbled early in the game and blew the opportunity granted to him after the Lions lost Jamal Agnew for the year.

Enough is finally enough, right? At this point, the Lions can’t seem to trust him with the smallest of roles. It’s time to make a trade. There are teams out there that could use him and the Lions desperately need help in the secondary. It’s time to make a deal.

I saw a man morph into an actual douchebag today

This part of WJH is just for me. Look, I understand that fans of other teams are going to be at the game. The group I went to the game with had a Seahawks fan with us on Sunday. I have nothing against visiting fans.

But if your agenda is to embarrass yourself and embarrass your wife and friends for two hours, then the Seahawks fan from Montana in section 101 did that on Sunday.

This guy was screaming at the top of his lungs the whole day. He was swearing and scaring little kids. You would have thought he was going to tear a vocal cord or something.

At one point, he began to scream, “I told you!! I told you!!!” Told who, you dumb son of a bitch? Told who?

I don’t want to act like I’m better than anyone. I’m not. But come on, man. This is supposed to be fun for everyone. Instead, this guy made everyone in the section want to punch this guy in the neck repeatedly until he passes out or pooped himself.

If you’re reading this, Seahawks fan from section 101, I hope you get a splinter and then stub your toe right after.

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