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Tuesday open thread: Should the Detroit Lions make another move at the trade deadline?

They already made one big trade, should another one be in the works?

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Last week, I already declared that the Detroit Lions “won” the trade deadline by trading for Damon Harrison Sr. While I stand by that take, it’s also clear that that single transaction didn’t push the Lions over the top, as they got handled by the Seahawks on Sunday, even with “Snacks” having a very good game.

Now the trade deadline sits a few hours away, and many are wondering if the LIons aren’t quite done yet. Rumors have already been swirling about the fate of wide receiver Golden Tate, for which there are reportedly multiple teams interested in acquiring. So far, those rumors appear to be just that, rumors, but sometimes where there’s smoke there’s fire.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Should the Lions make another move at the trade deadline?

My answer: While the Lions certainly could use more help—especially on the defensive side of the ball (ie: cornerback, edge rusher)—I just don’t think it’s worth it at this point. Unless they could somehow pull of another grand larceny type of trade where they could get a solid defensive back for a fifth round pick—and considering it cost the Saints a fourth and seventh to acquire Eli Apple, I find that very unlikely—it’s just not worth it.

As wide open as the NFC North is this year, this team is supposed to be building for championships, not division titles. Right now, this team isn’t playing like it’s destined for a championship. Certainly that can change, but at this point, we’ve seen the Lions lose four games, three of which they were manhandled in.

Sending away draft pick after draft pick to acquire short-term talent is not how to build a winning franchise, so I’m just not in favor of being buyers at any significant cost this year.

As for being sellers, I think all of that is nonsense right now. You’d have to get at least a second-round pick for Golden Tate for it to be worth it, in my opinion, and that deal is not likely to come. As for anyone else on the roster, they’re likely too important to the future of this team (Darius Slay) or won’t get you enough on the open market to be worth it in a trade (Ameer Abdullah).

So I think the Lions should stand pat during Tuesday, and I’d be pretty surprised if they make another move.

Your turn.


Should the Lions make another trade deadline move?

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