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Vikings fans are taking their 2018 season harder than Lions fans

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

To say Detroit Lions fans and Minnesota Vikings fans came into the 2018 season with different expectations would be underselling it. The Vikings were fresh off an impressive 13-3 season that ended with a disappointing performance in the NFC Championship game.

Lions fan had all the optimism that a new coaching staff brings, but after a worrisome preseason, Detroiters actually came into the season with the least amount of confidence in their team among all 32 squads.

But four weeks into the season, the two teams sit at the bottom of the NFC North with just one win a piece. As expected, both teams are pretty bummed at the moment, but it may come as a surprise that Lions fans are actually a little more confident in their team than Vikings fans. Check it out:

The difference is relatively minor—35 percent to 33—but it’s likely emblematic of two things. First, with such high expectations going into the season, Vikings fans are probably just more disappointed overall with the team’s lackluster performance. As for Lions fans... well, we learned how to cope with a poor month of football long ago. Hope runs through the veins of Lions fans, because without it, there is no lifeforce. So even in the darkest hour, the light of hope leads the way.

Still, it’s a bit surprising to see these results given the nature of each team’s losses. Both teams have really bad losses—the Vikings to the Bills and the Lions to the Jets—but otherwise, Minnesota doesn’t really have anything else to be ashamed of. A tie against the Packers and a loss to the Rams are both completely understandable, especially considering both were on the road.

The Lions do have one really, really good win over the Patriots, but the rest of their resume is just downright bad.

Call it lack of experience, higher expectations or just an over-reactionary fanbase, but Minnesota is in a downright panic right now.

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