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Saturday open thread: What is your favorite Lions-Packers moment?

This rivalry has had its moments, both good and bad.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

A couple years ago, we polled the Pride of Detroit audience asking simply, who is the Detroit Lions’ biggest rival? Unsurprisingly, the Green Bay Packers ran away with it, earning 69 percent of the vote.

I’m guessing not much has changed in those two years. Fans always seem to get pumped for Packers week more than any other week in the NFL, and I’ve seen many fans proclaim that a season is successful as long as Detroit beats up on Green Bay.

Despite the national perception, the two teams have actually gone toe-to-toe lately. In the past 10 rivalry games, each team has won five. Sure, the Lions have lucked out by not playing against Aaron Rodgers in three of their five wins, but even in the seven games Rodgers has played in since 2013, the average margin of victory is just Packers by 3.9.

This rivalry has been the source of many interesting memories, so today’s Question of the Day is:

What is your favorite moment from the Lions-Packers rivalry?

My answer: Lions slaughtering the Packers 40-10 on Thanksgiving Day back in 2013.

I don’t care who was or was not playing or what happened later in that season, beating the Packers on national TV is a rare pleasure for Lions fans, and doing it in such dominating fashion was just awesome.

It’s become an increasingly outdated joke that NFL fans have to suffer through the Lions on Thanksgiving, but it was nice for one year to make the Packers the national embarrassment. The Lions outgained Green Bay 561 yards to 126 that Thursday. Going back to 1940, there are only seven games in NFL history where one team had at least 550 yards while holding the other below 130.

That was a historic beatdown, and it’s one we’re typically used to being on the opposite end of. The fact that Detroit did it to the Packers on national television was just icing on the cake.

Your turn.

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