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5 Questions about Packers-Lions: The 12 Labours of Clay Matthews

We asked Acme Packing Company which deity Clay pissed off.

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Scholars have worked for years to understand the Green Bay Packers, but they remain perplexed. Are the Packers a place? A thing? A state of being? For now, this terrible phenomenon defies our greatest scientists and philosophers, baffling the world.

However, recent developments in the field of study, focused primarily on comparative mythology, have helped us to increase our understanding of this swirling chaos. To help illuminate these finds, we welcome in Jason Hirschhorn from Acme Packing Company, our sister website, to discuss the Packers and Packer-ing things.

1. What do the Packers need to do to beat the Lions on Sunday?

Stopping the Lions’ fleet of receivers probably ranks first and foremost among the Packers’ priorities. The Packers defense finally put together its first full-game performance under new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, shutting out the Bills last week. The unit should receive a boost on Sunday with cornerback Kevin King’s return as well. Detroit’s passing game still presents a considerable challenge for such a young defense, but Green Bay has the tools needed to stay competitive.

Meanwhile, the Packers offense needs to find its rhythm. Through four weeks, the unit ranks just 14th in DVOA and 19th in scoring (23 points per game). Aaron Rodgers’ knee injury certainly hasn’t helped matters, nor have injuries to the offensive line and receivers Randall Cobb and Geronimo Allison. An indoor matchup with the Lions defense could help the Packers get back on track, as could an increase in touches for running back Aaron Jones.

2. On the other hand, what are the reasons why the Packers might end up losing on Sunday?

Those aforementioned offensive issues could persist through Sunday’s game. It remains unclear whether the Packers will have their full starting offensive line, nor does the team know if Cobb (hamstring) or Allison (concussion) will suit up in Detroit. And though Rodgers’ knee injury has improved in recent weeks, it only takes one hit to send him back to square one. All of those factors could contribute to a Green Bay loss.

3. Clay Matthews is on the receiving end of some very ticky-tack calls in the new rules. Obviously, Clay is being forced to atone for some ancient, hideous sin. What I want to know from you is what Herculean task will he be forced to undertake next? Slaying a hydra?

Maybe we’ve flipped things here. With his flowing locks, perhaps Clay Matthews is the Hydra and the NFL thinks he needs to be slayed? The Predator is in theaters, so perhaps the league thinks this is the best survival tactic. I’m not sure, but something appears amiss.

4. This is important to disabuse some Lions folks of this notion, but I want an honest, unbiased opinion: is Aaron Rodgers a diva, a jerk, and/or a crybaby?

5. What’s your opinion of ties?

In a league that gives teams only 16 chances to prove itself during the regular season, ties represent an unnecessary complication. I fully understand the desire to reduce extra exposure to the players, but the NFL has to find a better way to balance those concerns with determining an actual winner to its games. The current system creates unsatisfying results, and it takes away from the product.

As always thanks to Jason for putting up with our nonsense.

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