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LIVE: Watch the Week 5 matchup between Lions-Packers on Madden NFL 19

The first digitized divisional game of 2018 is upon us!

The Lions and Packers find themselves in a pivotal game heading into Week 5 of the NFL’s 2018 schedule today. To find out how it’s going to turn out, we’re going to search for answers in a computer-simulated model of the game because looking at tables and charts and trends is for nerds.

The Green Bay Packers haven’t exactly been the Green Bay Packers this year. Aaron Rodgers isn’t healthy and the offense is hurting for it, Clay Matthews might be a double agent, and the team can’t stay healthy at wide receiver.

As for Detroit, they dropped a heartbreaker last week in Dallas, losing on a last-second field goal that everyone without their corrective lenses could have seen coming. At 1-3, you don’t want to say something as silly as this being a “must-win” game, but if the Lions drop to 1-4 and lose their first divisional game, it’s not doing them any favors.

So before the actual game kicks off, let’s see what it looks like to not have T.J. Lang at right guard, Ezekiel Ansah with his hand on the dirt along the edge, and Michael Roberts not doing anything at tight end.

Okay, so we’re accustom to all of that.

Let’s get a glimpse of what it’s like to see Aaron Rodgers rely on rookies and unproven commodities at wide receiver!

Alright, I get it, been there, done that. It might be a hard sell, but look in the mirror; you’ve already adjusted your fantasy lineup into a twisted dimension of hell and there’s no saving it. Just sit back and enjoy some fake football!

Be sure to jump over to our live stream starting at 10:20 a.m. ET to keep up with the conversation and join a bunch of us who love to watch Madden be Madden. Also, these things are finally available on demand through Twitch, so if you can’t make the live broadcast, no biggie, you have 14 days to go back and check out all the action you missed out on.

Once the clock strikes 10:20 a.m. ET, the stream will begin below. (If you don’t see the stream below, click here).

It’s Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers. This time, it’s (not) for real.

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