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NFL rivalry history: Lions vs. Bears, Random Stats

A collection of random stats about the Lions vs Bears rivalry

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are again. It’s Random Stats day. Today we’re going to talk about the Lions vs Bears history, but here’s the catch: Just like last week with the Vikings, we’ve see all the stats you can imagine on this rivalry. So today is all about you and your questions. Let’s jump right into it.

To the questions!!!

This wasn’t easy to find, but I found it. Per the Chicago Tribune, the coldest Lions vs. Bears game in Soldier Field history took place the day after Christmas in 1993. The temperature that day was 13 degrees. That’s pretty damn cold.

The Lions won this game 20-14. Brett Perriman caught six passes for 75 yards and a touchdown. Barry Sanders did not play. Some guy that frequently wears khakis and coaches a team I hate was the quarterback for the Bears that day.

It’s good, Tristan. I feel like you’re Derek Fisher in this moment and you’ve just lobbed me a pass for a alley oop. The Lions do own the Bears. In the last five matchups, the Lions are 4-1 against the Bears. To go back even farther, the Lions are 9-1 against the Bears in the last 10 meetings. This streak might be in serious danger of ending this Sunday.

Walter Payton and Barry Sanders never played against each other, but I can tell you how each player did against the rival team. Barry ran for 1,846 yards and 12 touchdowns against the Bears. Walter ran for 1,960 yards and 10 touchdowns against the Lions.

Fun fact: When I was in boy scouts many years ago, the troop leader made a joke about Walter being my uncle. I then spent the next few weeks convincing my fellow scouts that he was, in fact, my uncle. I proudly earned my lying badge that winter.

There’s multiple things to go on here. Did the fan purchase the sausage at the game? Or is it more like that situation when we were kids and my dad had us stuff our pockets with candy before we went into the theater? I imagine the average Bears fan sneaks in two sausages. One per pocket.

I can’t break it down per quarter, because those two sausages are more than likely gone before kick off. There is a third sausage in here too, because you have to get a sausage if you’re at the game. So this rounds it out to a solid three sausages per game (3.0 SPG, for short).

Now I like this question. This should be fun. Here is the offense I would roll with.

Quarterback: Matthew Stafford
Running back: Barry Sanders
Wide Receiver: Calvin Johnson
Wide Receiver: Herman Moore
Tight End: Mike Ditka
LT: Orlando Pace
LG: Lou Creekmur
C: Frank Gatski
RG: Kyle Long
RT: Alan Page
DE: Cliff Avril
DT: William Perry
DT: Ndamukong Suh
DE: Richard Dent
LB: Chris Spielman
LB: Brian Urlacher
LB: Mike Singletary
CB: Darius Slay
CB: Sid Luckman
S: Bennie Blades
S: Glover Quin

K: Jason Hanson
P: Brad Maynard

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