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PODcast reacts to Lions-Bears, puts coaches on notice

Things only seem to be getting worse and a sleepy PODcast crew breaks it down.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions will not play another meaningful game in the 2018 season. Their 34-22 loss to the Chicago Bears put an end to any real hopes of even moderate success this year. Even if the Lions were to somehow win out with one of the toughest remaining schedules in the league, their ceiling is now just 10-6, which probably wouldn’t even be good enough for a trip to the postseason.

So this week, the PODcast crew digests what happened on Sunday, but then turns their focus ahead. As a fan, how do you enjoy the next two months of football with no stakes attached? Is it okay to just go out and enjoy a day at the cider mill or something? If you are committed to watching Lions football, how can you still enjoy the game with no expectations?

We tackle it all on this week’s episode:

This week on the PODcast:

  • Things get a little loopy as Jeremy, Ryan and Chris join together for a midnight taping.
  • The crew gets heated on the coaching, as the team has failed to show any sort of improvement, as promised.
  • If 9-7 isn’t good enough with this talent, what the hell is this season?
  • The offense is a mess, Matthew Stafford is regressing and it seems like the writing is on the wall for Jim Bob Cooter.
  • We point out some individual performances of note, including “Snacks” eating again, Kerryon Johnson beasting on a hobbled leg and the horrible, horrible play of the secondary.
  • #AudibleDong
  • There’s meaningless football ahead, how does one enjoy it? Jeremy, Ryan and Chris all lay out different options for stakeless Sundays.
  • Mailbag distracts the pain by naming the best Disney/Pixar movies, hating on “How I Met Your Mother” and snow cones, and eventually brings it back to Lions football, wondering what would have happened if the Lions had hired Matt Nagy over Matt Patricia.

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