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Detroit Lions Week 10 Song of the Game: “Falling Away from Me” by Korn

Beating me down.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Way back in Week 1, when we first saw a glimpse of the devastation that may lay ahead, I mentioned my misguided teenage years, when I relied on upon the likes of Staind and Limp Bizkit to carry me through my angsty phase. Since then, I’ve “grown up” to appreciate a little more reasonable and thoughtful artists whose expression of emotion runs deeper than the sounds of Jonathan Davis making guttural noises.

But the Detroit Lions have regressed to a level we had hoped they had grown out of forever. They’re 3-6, their season is over before Thanksgiving, and they’re headed towards a top-five draft pick. And so much like my football team, I am relapsing to a much darker time.

Lions-Bears Week 10 Song of the Game: “Falling Away from Me” by Korn

Hey, I’m feeling tired
My time has gone today

While the not-so-subtle suicidal overtones of this song are way too over-dramatic for the occasion, the hopelessness in the lyrics properly convey where this Lions fanbase is currently at right now. While most realistic fans knew this team was going to struggle out of the game, not many thought the team would actually regress as the season went on—especially after a legitimately impressive win on the road in Miami.

But Sunday’s loss to the Chicago Bears sucked out any last hope of a 2018 turnaround, and the season is over.

Beating me down
Beating me, beating me
Down, down
Into the ground

I try to pride myself on being the fan that can look at the big picture and remain hopeful for the future. The Golden Tate trade tested me, this game broke me.

I’ll never be the kind of person to call for a one-and-done stint as a head coach. I honestly believe that continuity in the coaching staff is absolutely the key to success. But as I watch the Chicago Bears turn it around in the midst of an inaugural season with a new, inventive head coach that actually inspires confidence, it’s hard for me to look back at Matt Patricia and see someone that beams optimism.

And then Patricia comes out Monday morning and says something as nonsensical as this...

... and I can’t help but wonder if Patricia is best served as a coordinator.

I can’t always say
”It’s gonna be better tomorrow”
Falling away from me
Falling away from me

Maybe once Patricia gets a roster full of players he actually wants and a full coaching staff that falls in line with his thinking, we’ll see that general manager Bob Quinn made the right hire. But I’ve already lost a lot of confidence in the man, and that absolutely should not happen this early in his coaching career.

Each week, we’ll use a song to describe our feeling or the Lions’ performance from the previous game. At the end of the year, we’ll have a complete Spotify playlist telling the story of the Lions’ 2018 season. You can check out the 2017 playlist here, and our explanations for our choices here. This year’s selections are in the Spotify list below.

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