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Lions vs. Panthers: Random Stats

A collection of random stats about the Lions and Panthers.

Carolina Panthers v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Why can’t Matthew Stafford dress like Cam Newton? Don’t get me wrong. There’s something to be said about shirts with hoods. I like them a lot, but look at Cam.

I mean look at this outfit. Like him or not, Cam Newton is the very personification of cool. This is the look we all wish we could pull off, but at the end of the day, we’re all just a little too Matthew Stafford to do it.

Let’s talk about stats.

Way back in the day—I’m talking all the way back to when Jennifer Lopez was just Waiting For Tonight and Taye Diggs was The Best Man—the Lions faced the Carolina Panthers for the first time. Side note: Taye Diggs follows me on Twitter and I don’t know why, but “The Wood” is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

Anyways, the Lions won that game 24-9. Charlie Batch finished the day with 210 yards and two touchdowns. Steve Beuerlein threw the ball 47 times! Those are some Matthew Stafford circa 2012 numbers. The all-time record, by the way, is 70. Stafford’s all-time high is 63 against the Bears in 2011.

Since that game, the Panthers have pretty much owned the Lions. They’re 6-2 all time against Detroit, but I have some good news. It was my birthday earlier this week. The last time the Panthers played the Lions at home the Sunday after my birthday, the Lions won.

The bad news is that since November 14, 1985, the Lions are 13-15 in the game immediately following my birthday. However, the Lions have won the last three games. So there you go. It’s not my fault if they lose.

To the questions!!!

No. As far as I can find, the Lions have never had a game cancelled due to bad weather. They have had games cancelled due to the 1982 and 1987 player strikes, and owner lock outs. That’s all.

Hi, Matub. That would be the Carolina Panthers. They’re currently 6-3 while the the Florida Panthers, a team I still cannot believe exists, are 7-6. Seriously. Who among you can say you’ve been to a Florida Panthers game? Somehow this team actually went to the 1996 Stanley Cup finals. That really happened. Fricken Florida, man.

(Editor’s note: Matub may have been trying to ask about the Michigan Panthers—a short-lived USFL team based in Pontiac, Michigan. That team went 24-15 in two years and even won the USFL Championship in 1983.)

The aforementioned Steve Beuerlein had a rate of 65.8 against the Lions in 1999.

Former Lion Rodney Peete had a rate of 107.6 in a win over the Lions in 2002.

That’s it. In the rest of the games, the Lions played either Jake Delhomme or Cam Newton. Don’t worry, though, the Lions will be not be playing the Panthers backup this week. Cam is good to go.

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