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Tanking is a scam anyway; reactions from a Lions-Panthers win on PODcast

We’re dropping some truth and breaking down more from the Lions victory over the Carolina Panthers.

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NFL: Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know if the Lions winning was meaningless or not, if we’re being perfectly honest.

All of this—sports especially, to say nothing about the existence of man against the cosmic white noise—is perfectly meaningless if you get down to it, with the only real value attached is entertainment and the emotional links self-imposed upon such. It may have importance to individuals, but that doesn’t ascribe it meaning.

But the win was fun, regardless, and I think that matters a lot more than whether or not you thought the win meant anything.

All that said, what this win didn’t do was kill the Lions’ shot for a good draft pick. Consider that in 2014, the Lions had a top ten pick in that loaded draft class—nevermind of course they spent it on Eric Ebron over Aaron Donald, that’s another issue. The point there? The Lions were 7-9 that year.

It’s impossible to tank in the NFL, and even if it was possible, it’s a damn scam, the sort that would make those ghouls on Wall Street blush and figure out how to keep the SEC in the dark while they screwed over the world. It’s arbitrage of hope, asking you to give up all short-term joy in the prospects of more short-term joy in the future—and it may never come.

But anyway, to hear about this and all our thoughts from the Lions win over the Carolina Panthers, Kerryon Johnson’s injury and a preview of the Thanksgiving throwdown against the Chicago Bears, you should listen to the Pride Of Detroit PODcast. It’s out now, and it’s golden.

No First Byte this coming week, and we’ll be back with a new edition of PODcast after the holiday. Enjoy life with your families, people.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Riverboat Ron has folded his hand. The Lions win on a failed two-point conversion. How did it all happen?
  • Jeremy praises the run defense, the shining spot there that will only get better with time (or so we hope). Good hope too for the pass rush.
  • Kenny Golladay and Kerryon Johnson showed you why they’re the future for this offense.
  • Audible Dong returns as Special Teams MVP.
  • Tanking is a ponzi scheme: a lecture by Professor Chris Perfett. Refreshments served in the Rawls Lounge.
  • Mailbag has: more from the Lions game, Thanksgiving drinking selections, Jeremy’s horrific White Castle story, Owen Wilson, Adam Sandler, “Curt” Cousins, the 2019 NFL Draft and those gray Lions uniforms.

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