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Wednesday open thread: What is your favorite Lions Thanksgiving Day memory?

Share your favorite Turkey Day story!

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Since 1934, the Detroit Lions have been a staple on Thanksgiving. Their franchise, for better or for worse, has become ingrained in the Thanksgiving tradition for millions of families across the United States, which remains one of the coolest things about this team. How many other professional sports teams can say their team gets recognized on a holiday every single year? To be part of the national culture is just something so unique, that it’s the one day a year we get to be proud of the Lions, win or lose.

Detroit’s overall record on Thanksgiving is 37-39-2, which is to say they aren’t quite as bad on Thanksgiving as their franchise history suggests, and that means we’ve made a fair amount of positive memories on the holiday. So today’s Question of the Day is:

What is your favorite Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day memory?

My answer: There are so many to choose from. From as young as I can remember to 2008, it had been tradition in my family to attend games. I was there for the infamous coin flip against the Steelers. I was there when Joey Harrington exacted his revenge on the Lions.

However, I missed some of the best game in series history, which occurred more recently. The 40-10 beatdown of the Packers and Matt Flynn. The dominant 45-14 Eagles thrashing just a few years ago.

But, oddly, the day that always sticks out to me was in 2012. The Jim Schwartz challenge flag game. When a 7-yard Justin Forsett run turned into an 81-yard run because everyone in the building but the refs saw Forsett’s knee, elbow and forearm touch the turf. But because the NFL rules were so screwed up, Schwartz’s challenge flag rendered the automatic review null, and the play stood.

The season was already lost, but that game was such a gut punch. I remember quietly eating my Thanksgiving alone, stewing in my own frustration. Then a few hours later, Mark Sanchez butt fumbled, and I have never gone from fuming to complete euphoria in such a short amount of time.

It was a great Thanksgiving.

Your turn.

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