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Monday open thread: Do you take pleasure in watching the Packers struggle?

Packers fans are losing their mind. And we’re reaping all the benefits.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

With the Detroit Lions’ playoff chances basically dead for 2018, fans are searching for silver linings everywhere. Some look to the young players like Mike Ford, Kerryon Johnson and Tracy Walker for optimism in the franchise’s future. Others are hoping for a high draft pick, thinking a top college prospect could help turn around this team’s fortunes in a hurry.

And then there are those that enjoy themselves some schadenfreude—or the pleasure in misfortune of others.

Thanks to the Green Bay Packers, there’s no shortage of that in the NFC North. The Packers have been the icon of stability and competitiveness. They’ve made the playoffs in eight of their last nine seasons and won the division five out of the past seven years.

But this year, it seems like it’s all falling apart. After Sunday night’s loss to the Vikings, the Packers are 4-6-1, just a half game above the Lions, and despite a favorable schedule ahead, their playoff chances are beyond life support:

Packers fans, who are used to sitting comfortably atop the division, are not taking it well:

So today’s Question the Day:

Do you take pleasure in watching the Packers struggle?

My answer: Yes. Without question, yes.

I know it’s petty. I know it’s sad. I know if the team I liked was better—or even good—I wouldn’t have to take pleasure in the failures of others.

But screw that.

Packers fans are some of the most entitled fans in the entire NFL. They’ll try to play victim by saying that they’ve only won one championship in the last 20 years, but we all know better. They’ve been blessed with one of the most miraculous streaks of impressive quarterback play in NFL history, and they’re a threat for the NFC Championship almost every single year.

So, yeah, I take a little pleasure in seeing Goliath fall every now and then. We all, on some basic human nature level, love to watch civilizations crumble. It’s why movies about revolutions—like “V For Vendetta”—resonate so much with the public. There’s something sexy about overthrowing the status quo, and no one quite represents a repressive regime like the Packers (except maybe the Patriots).

So I, without shame, am taking plenty of pleasure in watching the Packers plummet towards the bottom of the NFC. What, am I just supposed to be miserable for the rest of the season?

Your turn.


Do you take pleasure in watching the Packers struggle?

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