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Ndamukong Suh throws not-so-subtle shade at Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford is not in Ndamukong Suh’s top 2 favorite quarterbacks.

San Diego Chargers v Detroit Lions Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

Ndamukong Suh’s return to Detroit would probably be a bigger headline right now if the Lions were playing good football. The former first-round pick left Detroit for sunnier pastures in Miami in a move that frustrated fans. Sunday will be his first time playing in Ford Field since leaving after the 2014 season, and he’s bound to get some sort of reaction.

That almost seems like a certainty after Suh’s latest rounds with the media. Earlier this year, Suh posted on Instagram that Jared Goff the “best QB I’ve ever had.” While the post didn’t specifically address Matthew Stafford, many saw it as a slight to the Lions quarterback.

This week, Los Angeles media asked specifically if that month-old post was a slight towards any of his previous quarterbacks, and Suh skirted around the issue, while also getting in a dig towards Stafford.

“It’s a great quarterback in Jared, I loved him. I’d say another guy I enjoyed being around was Jay Cutler,” Suh said per in an interview posted to “I obviously played against him many years in the black-and-blue division up there in Detroit. Being able to get to know him down in Miami, he’s a great dude. I enjoyed the quarterbacks I’ve been around, but probably those two the most.”

Okay, so he doesn’t directly slam Stafford, but he claims to have loved Cutler more, despite the fact that he played alongside the former Bears quarterback for just one season in Miami and spent more time trying to sack him in Detroit. Meanwhile, Suh and Stafford played alongside each other for five years.

That being said, Suh did say that sacking Stafford wouldn’t be any different than any other quarterback, calling him “just another quarterback in the Rams way.”

To his credit, Suh complimented Detroit quite a bit in the same video, calling it an “amazing city” with “great people.” He even talked about the 2014 Lions team calling it an “amazing year” with an “amazing head coach.”

However, he stopped short of saying anything about the Lions organization as a whole. “I’ll refrain from my comments about the organization.”

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