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NFL Week 10 picks against the spread, totals: Getting the business

Isn’t it all just swell?

Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Let’s bet, boys and girls.

As a note to that preamble, I’d advise you to understand how a point spread line works before mouthing off on Twitter, or something similar to that. I understand sports betting has its own language. I understand you might not get what I’m saying when I take Detroit +5, or whatever.

I know I should be around to educate some of ya’ll before you make a mess of yourselves in front of the world, the internet and God.

But Google is free.

Carolina +3.5 vs. Pittsburgh

There’s times in the year where you have to step back and reevaluate your opinions on teams. Pittsburgh, for example, is definitely not the scrubs they were to start the year. But I don’t know what to make of Carolina either, so I’m just gonna take the home dog.

Oakland vs. Los Angeles UNDER 50.5

How do you solve a problem like Jon Gruden? No matter what happens here, Jon-y boy rode himself to a fat, ridiculous contract, the kind you expect to see out in college football. But if you thought moving the Chargers to Los Angeles so they could not sell out a soccer field is bad, wait until Vegas gets a hold of these losers.

Los Angeles -9.5 vs. Seattle

It’s a strange insistence among sports books to always use the city name rather than naming the actual teams. I always assumed there were legal implications, but whenever New York or Los Angeles came into play there’d be a sneak-in of the name itself. Anyway, I don’t do that because I don’t know why not. But these are the Rams, and I expect a bounce-back game at home to ease my paranoia about taking these kind of lines.

Chicago vs. Detroit OVER 44

I still don’t really care for the Bears on practical analysis and betting reasons. That’s about it there.

New York -6.5 vs. Buffalo

This will now be I think the third week I’ve taken the Jets. If they can’t cover here then there’s no good reason to ever trust them again until Sam Darnold gets his walking papers.

Atlanta -4.5 @ Cleveland

Man this is one of those games that you will forget exists other than to remind you Hue Jackson got fired and I don’t know why so many readers on Pride Of Detroit send us questions asking if the Lions should hire him as an offensive coordinator. Like you saw what happened in Cleveland yeah?

San Francisco -3 vs. New York

Oh hell yeah I’m on the Nick Mullens crazy train let’s go boys.

All the rest

Tampa Bay vs. Washington UNDER 51.5
Tennessee vs. New England UNDER 46.5
Green Bay vs. Miami UNDER 47.5
Kansas City vs. Arizona OVER 49.5
Dallas +7 @ Philadelphia

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