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Ask POD: Winning ugly and learning how to love it

Winnin’ ain’t easy.

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

To win or not to win? That’s the conundrum facing Detroit Lions fans after Week 14.

Everything that needed to happen in Week 14 for the Lions happened, and if the Seahawks take care of business on Monday night, Detroit’s playoff chances could jump all the way up to... well, just to two percent.

But in the midst of doubling their playoff chances, Detroit dropped their draft position from five to 10. With playoff odds still so distant, some think Sunday’s win over the Cardinals was a “waste.”

Of course, there are more reasons to win than just contending for the playoffs. It’s important for players to trust their coaching staff, and important for the coaching staff to trust in their players. If either end doesn’t carry their end of the bargain, that’s how a franchise falls apart.

From the fan perspective, however, what fun is it watching your team lose on Sundays? The stakes may be gone, but I wouldn’t be watching if I wasn’t interested in watching the team play well and come out victorious.

So while the fanbase continues to debate whether Sunday’s win was “good,” the PODcast crew is getting ready to record this week’s episode. As always, we need some help from y’all to round out the show. In the comment section below or on Twitter using the hashtag #AskPOD, send us questions about whatever you’d like us to talk about. It doesn’t have to be about the Lions, we’ll answer questions on just about anything.

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