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Ask POD: Back to reality, there is a noticeable lack of gravity

Time for questions. GIVE IT TO US.

Detroit Lions v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Last week, the PODcast enjoyed a week in blissful ignorance. No one really believed in the Detroit Lions’ playoff chances, but we went through all the stupid possible scenarios because it was fun and because the Lions were boring.

All the Lions had to do was beat a bad Bills team on the road, and we could enjoy some more tasty delirium. Instead, they died a predictable death and now we’re back to not having any more fun.

The offseason is upon us, and #TeamTank has won the day. The final two weeks of the season will be nothing but complaining: either about the team’s play or about their inability to even get tanking right. Either way, it will be annoying and joyless.

But we endure as we’ve always endured, and the PODcast must go on. This week we’ll recap the Bills game, eulogize the Lions’ 2018 season and discuss everything in between. We may even talk about the upcoming draft (or maybe we’ll keep doing it “next week.”)

Either way, it’s time to take some questions. We know you’ve got them. And we probably have something resembling an answer. Hit us up in the comment section or via Twitter using the hashtag #AskPOD.

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