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Detroit Lions Week 15 Song of the Game: “Jethro” by Thundercat

Bet I had more fun than you did on Sunday.

Detroit Lions v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Last weekend, I made my first trip to upstate New York and learned that the Buffalo Bills basically play on the outskirts of a subdivision, give or take. There are literally houses lining each side of the street—complete with sidewalks—leading up to the stadium and its parking lot. People raise families a stone's throw away from where Bills Mafia meets to coordinate the destruction of folding tables each time the Bills are in Orchard Park. For me, a city-goer to all my sports events, it’s seriously wild, y’all.

Without much at stake for either team, the lot was less full than an average tailgate according to my cicerones—shoutout Kyle and Tara for being good peoples and super hospitable. But even in small numbers, the celebration of two sub-.500 teams meeting for a meaningless matchup was filled with enthusiasm and plenty of friendly Bills fans.

But no, I didn’t see anyone go through a table, and no, I wasn’t the Lions fan in the luchador mask. I wish I was better at having more fun. Speaking of room for improvement...

Lions-Bills Week 15 Song of the Game: “Jethro” by Thundercat

Young drifting light
Drift on by
Shine on me
Then pass me by

Kenny Golladay is our young drifting light. For some games, he completely passes on by without so much as a standout play or catch—cough JBC cough. Last Sunday against Buffalo, Golladay was the bright light of hope we so typically associate with the holiday season.

Golladay totaled four catches for 115 yards in the first half, but his production slowed down considerably as the Lions offense did as a whole after halftime. Again, our young bright light eclipsed by the offensive coordinator dead set on not trying to be aggressive or imaginative with nothing to lose.

Warm me up
Can’t leave me cold

Alright, so this isn’t so much a comment about the game specifically, but how the viewing experience for an outdoor sporting event is like ten times better from inside the confines of an enclosed space with all the amenities you could ever want or need like pizza or buffalo cheese dip or a bathroom. With things like that, you can’t be left cold... well, until the second half of this game started.

And when I die
Cave into your light

It’s over. The season, the ultimate goal for why the team plays each week, is dead. It’s not a feeling we’re unfamiliar with as fans of this franchise, but it doesn’t make it suck any less when we reach this part of the season. But hey, give into that light: there’s an entire offseason to search for the same hope we brought into this season for 2019.

Each week, we’ll use a song to describe our feeling or the Lions’ performance from the previous game. At the end of the year, we’ll have a complete Spotify playlist telling the story of the Lions’ 2018 season. You can check out the 2017 playlist here, and our explanations for our choices here. This year’s selections are in the Spotify list below.

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