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Rowe Report: A motivational speech for the Detroit Lions

A message for the Detroit Lions heading into their final two games.

It’s a concept only the most ornery of Detroit Lions fans indulge in. When the season’s end draws closer and it looks like the ship won’t be steered back on course anytime soon, it often leaves some fans chanting the inevitable: tank, baby, tank.

Playoff hopes went out the window last Sunday when the Lions lost to the then 4-9 Buffalo Bills, 14-13. Fans began turning to the draft... and some begin rooting for the Lions to purposefully lose for a better pick.

Now, to be clear, as a fan I’d never root for my team to tank. I don’t want them to lose, ever. Ever. However, the idea of encouraging your team to bomb does lend itself to some humor. Thus, this video was born.

This is for you cantankerous fans out there who plan to gripe about the Lions over Christmas dinner, provoking irritation in relatives forced to feign interest.

You’re bitter, I get it. We all get it.

But you’ll be back. You always come back.

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