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2019 NFL Draft order: Lions guaranteed to have top-10 pick

Lions could find themselves picking as high as No. 2 in the upcoming draft.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It came as no surprise, but the Lions dropped their 10th game of the year on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. While the season has been a big disappointment, the team will likely start off the 2019 campaign with a nice boost from the draft.

Sunday’s loss moved Detroit up to the fifth spot in the draft order with just one week remaining in the season. Here’s the current top-10 draft order according to (Note: This site uses the strength of schedule for the entire 17 week schedule, not just the games that have been played).

  1. Cardinals: 3-12 (.525 SOS)
  2. Raiders: 3-11* (.550)
  3. 49ers: 4-11 (.504)
  4. Jets: 4-11 (.508)
  5. Lions: 5-10 (.504)
  6. Buccaneers: 5-10 (.521)
  7. Bills: 5-10 (.525)
  8. Giants: 5-10 (.525)
  9. Jaguars: 5-10 (.544)
  10. Falcons: 6-9 (.490)

*Still to play Monday night

Even though there is just one game left, there could still be a ton of movement within the top 10. The Lions sit right in the middle right now, but they could see themselves draft anywhere from second overall to 10th.

There are too many scenarios to run through, but draft fans should be hoping for another loss in Week 17 against the Packers. If Detroit were to drop the game, it should hold onto the fifth spot at the very worst, and could even jump up a position or two depending on what else happens.

Furthermore, a Lions loss should keep them ahead of teams that may be looking for a quarterback next spring, such as the Giants, Jaguars and perhaps the Buccaneers. Even if the perceived quarterback class is not as strong as in previous years, it does not hurt to hold a pick ahead of teams desperate to move up in the order.

2018 has been a tough season, but there are reasons to believe next year will be better. There are solid components already on the roster, and obviously there are some holes to fill as well. A top draft position could go a long way in helping plug some gaps. It is never fun rooting against the Lions, but for this week it might be worth it.

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