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Christmas Day open thread

Come join us by the fire, open some presents, and chat with your Detroit Lions family.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Whether you admit it or not, we’re family. Sure, we’re not directly related, but what is a family but a group of people in near proximity that shares experiences, both good and bad, and tries to cope together with the uncertain future.

We love the Detroit Lions. You love the Detroit Lions. And while this winter was particularly cold for us, I wouldn’t trade my fandom in for any other. Check that, I couldn’t trade my fandom for any other. That’s because this is my family. I can’t just disown them. It’s a part of me.

So to the rest of my Lions family, I wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or just a happy Tuesday. I hope you get to spend the day with some loved ones and feel at least an ounce of the holiday spirit this year. While this day is cheery for many, I know it can be painful for others. Let Pride of Detroit be your warm embrace for those not feeling it this year.

No question of the day today, just want to spread some love. Feel free to talk about anything you’d like in the comment section. Share your Lions related gifts. Tell us how many times you’ve watched “A Christmas Story.” Debate the merits of “Die Hard” as a Christmas movie. Or I’ll even allow you to talk some NFL Draft if you’d like.

Either way, have a wonderful Christmas Day, POD family. I love you all.

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