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Saturday open thread: Share your Detroit Lions related holiday gifts!

Did you get any Lions gifts this year? SHARE EM!

NFL: New York Jets at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

As the season comes to an end, and the offseason slowly approaches, it’s getting closer to the time of year in which we reflect and share stories. While I’m sure there are a few people who lost their Detroit Lions fandom this year, the large majority of us are in here for the long-haul, and one measily 10+ loss season isn’t enough to cut ties with the team.

And most of our loved ones know this. If you’re like me, your family knows that if all else fails, a Lions-related gift around the holidays is an easy bet and a great fall-back-on plan. I’ve received license plates, jerseys, hats, posters, figurines, footballs and much, much more Lions related gifts over the years.

Now it’s time for you to share.

What Detroit Lions-related gifts did you get this holiday season?

My answer: I think the well has dried up on my end. After receiving strict instructions that I am not to receive Lions jerseys as gifts (for curse reasons), I don’t receive much of any Lions gifts anymore (and I’m thankful, I have more than one could ever need).

But I won’t leave you empty handed. Here at Pride of Detroit, we like to do a gift exchange every year. So here are some of the gifts handed out this holiday season:

This next one isn’t a gift exchange, but must be seen:

Your turn!

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