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Detroit Lions LT Taylor Decker wants his TD ball back... and he may be getting it

Finally, a good Lions story with a happy ending.

Detroit Lions left tackle Taylor Decker had never scored a touchdown in his playing career, so please forgive him if he didn’t know how to react when he reached paydirt on a third-quarter trick play that brought Detroit in striking distance of a huge upset over the Los Angeles Rams.

“I’ve been playing football since first grade, always been an o-lineman,” Decker said after the game. “So for my first touchdown to come as a left tackle in the NFL is pretty damn cool.”

The thrill of the moment got the better of him. As Joe Dahl giddily hopped around him, Decker’s adrenaline kicked in and he heaved the ball into the Ford Field stands in elation. Well, maybe “heaved” is the wrong word.

“I think I threw a duck into the stands,” Decker said.

Decker admits that was a mistake. Scoring a touchdown as a left tackle is something most offensive linemen will never experience—especially in the NFL—and Decker wants to make sure he has that ball as a keepsake and a memory for something he likely will never experience again. He needs that ball back:

“I would love to have it back, but I just threw it,” Decker said. “Probably a terrible pass, too. Got caught up in the moment, got excited.”

But less than 24 hours later, it appears this story may have a happy ending. On Monday morning, Decker tweeted out, “I HAVE FOUND HIM!!!!!!! AND HE IS BEING GREAT ABOUT IT,” presumably about the person who caught the ball in the stands.

Hopefully, Decker hangs onto it this time.

UPDATE: Here’s the lucky fan that caught it:

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