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Sunday open thread: What was your least favorite coaching move from the Lions?

What was your least favorite hire by Quinn and Co?

NFL: NOV 14 Cowboys at Giants Photo by Rich Kane/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

Today is officially the first Sunday of the offseason, so forgive me if I’m feeling a little grumpy. Sure, we still have free agency and the draft to look forward to, but that’s like six exciting days in the next 200+.

On Saturday, we discussed our favorite coaching moves from the Detroit Lions this offseason, now it’s time to embrace the negativity. Not every move is going to be proven to be a winner anyways. As much as we’ve liked to pretend over the past week, Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia aren’t infallible. So today’s Question of the Day is:

What is your least favorite coaching move the Lions made this offseason?

My answer: Hiring Paul Pasqualoni as the defensive coordinator. I know this is going to be the most popular answer, and I completely understand why. In a league in which young, creative minds are in high demand, the hiring of a 68-year old man whose two ventures as an NFL defensive coordinator were relatively unsuccessful isn’t exactly all that exciting.

Like many, I would have preferred to see Pasqualoni hired as an associate head coach/defensive line coach.

There’s no doubt Pasqualoni has talent. You don’t coach for 40 years in football without a heck of a lot of talent. I also understand that his experience as a head coach may be extremely valuable to a first-time head coach like Matt Patricia. And I, too, get the feeling that Pasqualoni’s position is only defensive coordinator by name. Patricia will have his hands all over the defense, and it will be on his former mentor to just follow orders.

But, still, I can’t help but look back at the fact that the Lions likely struck out on Dean Pees. I would have been much happier about that hire.

Your turn.