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How Lions fans would address Detroit’s 17 free agents

Here’s what the Lions’ offseason would look like if fans were the GM.

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

As you may or may not have noticed, over the past few weeks we have been profiling the Detroit Lions’ 17 soon-to-be unrestricted free agents. We’ve offered the background of how they performed in 2017 and what their outlook is for this upcoming year.

But we also posed a question to you, the reader. Would you re-sign said free agent or would you let them walk? Here’s a recap of all of those poll results, sorted by the fans’ priority.

Should the Lions re-sign Don Muhlbach?

Yes: 97%
No: 3%

Should the Lions re-sign Haloti Ngata?

Yes: 90%
No: 10%

Will Nick Bellore return in 2018?

Yes: 82%
No: 18%

Should the Lions re-sign Don Carey?

Yes: 81%
No: 19%

Should the Lions bring Darren Fells back in 2018?

Yes: 78%
No: 22%

Do you want Tahir Whitehead back as a starter in 2018?

Yes: 71%
No: 29%

Should Jordan Hill get another shot in Detroit?

Yes: 62%
No: 38%

What would you do with Ezekiel Ansah?

Offer small contract, let him go if he passes: 56%
Franchise tag him: 23%
Sign long-term: 11%
Let him go: 9%
Other: 2%

What should the Lions do with Tavon Wilson?

Re-sign him for depth: 41%
Re-sign him to compete for starting job: 20%
Let him walk: 39%

What should the Lions do with Nevin Lawson?

Re-sign him: 48%
Let him go: 52%

Should the Lions give Dwight Freeney another chance?

Yes: 23%
No: 77%

Should the Lions re-sign Paul Worrilow?

Yes: 11%
No: 89%

Should the Lions re-sign Greg Robinson?

Yes: 8%
No: 92%

Should the Lions re-sign Travis Swanson?

Yes: 6%
No: 94%

Do you want to see Don Barclay return in 2018?

Yes: 6%
No: 94%

(Note: Polls were not included for RB Mike James or DJ Hayden)


Unsurprisingly, the forever popular Don Muhlbach is Lions fans’ easiest choice this offseason. Nearly everyone want The Muhl back. Meanwhile, Don Barclay and Travis Swanson are players Lions fans decidedly don’t want to see back next season.

Like every year, Lions fans want the majority of their free agents to return again for another season. It’s easy to write the hypothetical checks when you’re paying with hypothetical money.

That being said, there are a few decisions Lions fans are decidedly split on. Ezekiel Ansah’s situation is complicated and most want to avoid the franchise tag. However, no one really wants to let him go, either. The low-ball option was the most popular, but it’s also the least-likely to actually be effective.

Jordan Hill, Nevin Lawson and Tavon Wilson are all players that are essentially on the bubble. That’s two defensive starters that may not be coming back in 2018 and one defensive player who never got his shot in Detroit.

For most players, it’s clear what the Lions should do (according to their fans). However, the Lions have a couple very tough decisions in free agency, and Lions fans reflect that perfectly.