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Friday open thread: Do you think Matt Patricia will lead the Lions to a Super Bowl?

Is Matt Patricia the one who will finally break the curse?

NFL: FEB 07 Patriots Victory Parade Photo by Richard Cashin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Super Bowl is in just two more days and the Detroit Lions’ future coach Matt Patricia will be partaking in the sixth championship game of his relatively short NFL career. Patricia currently has three rings, two of which he earned as New England Patriots’ defensive coordinator.

Though he’ll have an opportunity on Sunday to add one more to that list, it will be his last chance (for the time being) to earn one in New England. The Detroit Lions are expected to announce Patricia as their next head coach shortly after Super Bowl 52 concludes.

For Patricia, it’s not only his first crack at head coaching in football, but he’ll be given the unbelievable opportunity to bring this franchise to its first championship game since 1957.

But is he the guy to finally do it? Today’s Question of the Day is:

Do you think Matt Patricia will lead the Detroit Lions to their first Super Bowl?

My answer: No. I’m a coward and cannot bring myself to predict such a thing until it at least comes a little close to happening. I look at the NFC right now, and I see a ton of teams that are not only good this year, but could stay good for the foreseeable future. The Eagles are a young, talented team with a young, talented quarterback and a defense to match. The Vikings have a defense that—aside from one NFC Championship game—has shown no signs of slowing down. Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, and Russell Wilson will be mainstays of the conference for years to come. As someone who has yet to witness a Lions team with championship-level talent, it’s hard for me to even imagine such a scenario.

Now this isn’t to say that I don’t think Patricia is capable of getting the Lions to the Super Bowl, because I think he’s a good hire. From what I can tell, he’s an excellent leader with tremendous work ethic. And if he can rub off some of his defensive genius on the team, the Lions could potentially take a big step in a hurry. With Matthew Stafford in his prime and a handful of impressive weapons around him, there’s no reason to believe Detroit won’t compete in the immediate future.

But, again, you just aren’t going to see me predicting that it will happen until we at least see this team win a playoff game.

Your turn.


Do you think Matt Patricia will lead the Lions to a Super Bowl?

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