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Lions notes: Former Lion Geoff Schwartz says drafting a running back in the first round would help fix run game

That’s one way to address your broken run game.

Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images
  • Former Lions offensive lineman, Geoff Schwartz, had some interesting thoughts to share in regards to Detroit’s struggles on the O-line last year. During his interview with Radio Row at the Super Bowl, Schwartz had this to say:

“I would imagine a running back will be very high on their offseason priority list, maybe in the first round, and then that might fix a lot”

The full story can be read at

  • Speaking of former Lions players, Herman Moore and Nate Burleson had some kind things to say about Kenny Golladay after a strong rookie performance.

  • Well this is certainly something. Good luck, Carolina.

  • Detroit News captured a great video of Matt Patricia talking to reporters about where he keeps all of his notes, whether or not his days as an offensive lineman helped him with defensive reads and even has to battle off a playful question on Detroit as he prepares for the Super Bowl.

  • For those that are hoping that Patricia brings LB coach Brian Flores with him to become the Lions’ next defensive coordinator, this might cheer you up:

Flores was expected to take Patricia’s place as DC for New England, but if they are already interviewing other candidates, then perhaps Flores already made a promise to stay with Patricia.

  • If you forgot to do your New Year’s Resolution and are under the age of 12 (you don’t have to be, I suppose) then Sam Martin has some encouraging words for you!

  • This is hilariously embarrassing: