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PODcast breaks down Ziggy’s franchise tag, digs the proposed rule changes

The PODcast tackles the Lions’ biggest roster move.

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NFL: New York Jets at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

For once, the PODcast is on top of breaking Detroit Lions news. Typically when we record these things, they can be out of date within hours of publishing, but thankfully the Lions broke news of Ezekiel Ansah’s franchise tagging hours before we hit record.

So this week, we break down everything about the move. Did the Lions make the right choice? What does this mean for the rest of free agency? Does this change the Lions’ strategy in the draft?

After that, we get into different topics, including the Lions’ offensive line issues and some of the proposed rule changes.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • Ezekiel Ansah has been franchised. Chris is less mad than last week, but the PODcast crew debates whether a long-term deal is in the mix.
  • With Ziggy’s $17-18 million price tag, will this hurt Detroit’s ability to fix their offensive line?
  • Jeremy thinks the Lions should still pursue Andrew Norwell, Ryan does not.
  • The NFL is finally going to fix the Calvin Johnson rule! Is it going to be enough, or is the league going to screw things up like they usually do?
  • Pass interference: Spot foul or 15 yards? The crew debates.
  • Mailbag tries to name the “Trifecta of Detroit Restaurants,” invents better NFL Combine events and reboots a childhood sitcom.

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