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Super Bowl 52 expert picks: Pride of Detroit’s predictions for Eagles-Patriots

Check out our picks for Super Bowl LII

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Super Bowl LII is just about 24 hours away and it’s time for the Pride of Detroit staff to make their predictions. Here’s our picks for Patriots vs. Eagles.

Alex Reno

Patriots 24, Eagles 21

I do not like Philly fans and I want them to suffer by experiencing an exact replica of Super Bowl XXXIX.

Mike Payton

Patriots 28, Eagles 14

After the game, Matt Patricia rips off his Patriots shirt to reveal a Lions shirt. Bob Quinn then lowers a rope ladder from a roof hatch and helicopters Patricia out of the building as “I Will Always Love You” plays inside the stadium.

Justin Simon

Patriots 24, Eagles 21

At this point, it’s nearly impossible to pick against Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. The Patriots have probably watched all of Nick Foles’ tape. Even hunting down his fifth grade pee wee football coach for intel (probably). Experience matters in the big games, and no one has more Super Bowl experience in the last decade than the Patriots.

Ryan Mathews

Eagles 20, Patriots 17

Because of course. I can’t think of a better way than to spend the next few weeks leading up to free agency with a bunch of fatalists who will swear the sky is falling because an Eagles offense led by Nick Foles scored enough points to beat a Matt Patricia-led defense.

Chris Perfett

Eagles 36, Patriots 33

I’ll do it. I’ll be the dumb idiot who holds out hope for good and righteousness in this universe. Yes, the Eagles represent that. You can talk about throwing batteries at Santa Claus all you want, Boston fans have done all that and a bucket of chowder; hell, there’s no good and just NFL fanbase out there, you’re all a bunch of animals.

I have to have this. I need to have this. I’m going to endure four hours of “dilly dilly” and hackneyed Pepsi ads and Tom Brady’s marbled face plastered on television and all of Lions twitter micro-analyzing every snap by the Patriots defense to determine if Matt Patricia will be a good or ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE Lions head coach. This is going to suck. The least I could ask for is seeing the fans and players of a long-suffering team cry tears of joy. Fly Eagles Fly.

(“Yeah but that would mean Nick Foles would have a ring before M-” Shut up. Shut the hell up.)

Jerry Mallory

Patriots 23, Eagles 13

It’ll be a low-scoring game. Without Wentz, the Patriots’ genius defensive coordinator will have the Eagles flustered. Meanwhile, the Eagles’ defensive line is legit. Look for a low-scoring affair with New England pulling away in the fourth.

Kyle Yost

Patriots 28, Eagles 27

Almost every Super Bowl victory is a close game for New England, and I would not expect anything different this time around. Though the score should be close for most of the game, I don’t think it will come down to a last-minute play to earn the win for the Patriots. Instead, Tom Brady will be in control and the Eagles’ offense will ultimately come up a little short in the second half.

Jeremy Reisman

Eagles 27, Patriots 24

I like Matt Patricia, and I think the Lions made the right hire. He’ll get the absolute most he can out of Detroit’s defensive roster. However, I think we’re underestimating just how bad his current set of players are. The Patriots defensive depth chart is worse than the Lions’ was this year, and he’s managed to get them to play at an average level. Average won’t be good enough against this extremely talented Eagles team.

Your turn. Make your pick in the poll below and give you score predictions in the comment section.


Who will win Super Bowl LII?

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