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VIDEO: Eagles successfully steal Lions’ trick 2-point play

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The Philadelphia Eagles pulled off one of the most impressive trick plays in Super Bowl history at the end of the first half in Super Bowl LII. The internet exploded with how cool and innovate the play was:

Only one problem, the Detroit Lions did the play first.

Take a look at the Eagles’ play first:

You have the quarterback leaving from behind the center. A direct snap to a skill player, an end-around toss to a receiver, and a toss back to a quarterback.

Now let’s look at the Detroit Lions’ play from exactly five weeks ago:

Matthew Stafford leaves from behind center. Direct snap. End around toss. Touchdown pass to the quarterback. Almost completely identical plays.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson was interviewed at halftime and said that the Eagles have been working on that play for a few weeks. Considering the Lions ran that play just five weeks ago, I think it’s probably fair to assume that Pederson saw that play and drew some inspiration from it.

That’s certainly how one Lions views it:

UPDATE: Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich explained where he actually got the play from:

Whatever you say, Frank.