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Get your Matt Patricia Detroit Lions t-shirts here

Break in the Matt Patricia era with this new Detroit Lions shirt.

Matt Patricia is officially the Detroit Lions head coach, and that means it’s time to celebrate. He may or may not end up being the guy that takes the Lions to the next level, but either way, now is the time for hope and optimism.

And with that hope brings merch. Again, we worked with our friends at Breaking T to create the perfect t-shirt to celebrate this occasion. Check it out:

Matt Patricia in Lions form sporting his patented headset-in-one-year-pencil-in-the-other look. Throw in the backwards cap with the Old English D, and this is one amazing t-shirt that you need to add to your collection.

Purchase the Matt Patricia t-shirt here

And best of all, purchasing a t-shirt helps support this site—which, may I remind you, is completely free to you, the reader.

The shirts were completely designed and produced in the United States, and I can vouch for their comfort.

If you like this shirt, we have another shirt on sale from earlier in the year.

Buy the “Detroit Comeback City t-shirt here

Thanks for all of the support, and be sure to send us pictures of you sporting the shirt when it arrives!