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The Lions have already stocked Matt Patricia’s desk with pencils

The Lions Twitter account is killing it this week.

The Detroit Lions Twitter account is still killing it. Just a day announcing Matt Patricia as the head coach by spelling out “Toto Africa”—a nod to our affinity for the song—the team sent out this amazing Tweet:

The picture is obviously a reference to Patricia and his obsession over pencils. The Lions head coach has been sporting a pencil behind his ear for decades, going all the way back to his college days at RPI.

“I’m actually an engineer by trade, a lot of mechanical pencils through college and all that stuff,” Patricia said about the habit according to the Detroit Free Press. “I just found, through doing those drawings, the good old, basic pencil. You can sharpen it really nice and just get that right deal.”

The Lions also already have his office neatly labeled with his name:

Now there’s just one more thing to do before they’re ready for him. Someone sharpen those pencils already!