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Report: Giants expected to sign RB Jonathan Stewart

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One Lions RB target appears off the board.

Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The trail for the next Detroit Lions running back had gone cold. After quick rumors that the Lions were visiting with both Jonathan Stewart and DeMarco Murray early this week, all things went silent for 24 hours.

But ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the silence on Tuesday evening and is reporting that Stewart will sign elsewhere for 2018.

The Giants could use the running back help after having one of the worst running games last season. Stewart, in particular, also makes a lot of sense for New York, as it would be a reunion for the veteran running back and his former general manager Dave Gettleman, both of whom carved out much of their respective careers with the Carolina Panthers.

For the Lions, it means Murray may be the current leading candidate to fill Detroit’s veteran power back role. Murray reportedly met with the Lions on Tuesday and has a future meeting set up with the Seahawks.

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