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NFL free agency Day 1 (or 3) open thread

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React to all of the Lions news here.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The clock has struck 4 p.m. ET and the new NFL year is upon us! A ton has a happened already. Eric Ebron has been released. The Lions have a few new linebacker and chaos is consuming the entire NFL.

We’ll be around all day updating the site with breaking news and rumors and analysis to everything that is happening.

But for you that just want to chat or scream into the abyss, this comment section is for you. Discuss all of the ongoing moves and rumors below.

You can keep track of all the Lions’ moves with our 2018 NFL Free Agency Tracker here. Additionally, below is the daily Lions Twitter feed to update you with news as it comes in live.

Happy New Year, Detroit Lions fans! Let’s hope we can build a special team in 2018, because things are off to a rough start. Let’s go, Bob Quinn!