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Teammates react to Eric Ebron’s release from Detroit Lions

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Teammates went to Twitter to support their former teammate.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you think the Detroit Lions were right or wrong in released Eric Ebron, it is undoubtedly a loss for many of his teammates. Though his personality was polarizing throughout the fan base, it was clear Ebron had a set a friends in the locker room. Just over the weekend, he was in San Diego celebrating Marvin Jones Jr.’s 28th birthday.

So when news broke that Ebron had been released, several teammates made sure to offer some encouragement to the former first-round pick.

Even some of his former teammates reached out to him. Former Lions defensive end George Johnson is trying to recruit him to New Orleans:

And do y’all remember Alex Reno’s favorite UDFA Jay Lee? He was shocked by the move on Wednesday. His Twitter account is private, but it reads:

Wow, can’t believe they released my dog Ebron. He’ll be on somebody roster in the coming days. #GodsPlan keep balling @Ebron85

Though his time in Detroit was rocky, we wish Ebron the best wherever he lands.