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Report: Detroit Lions have offer for G/C Joe Berger on the table, waiting on retirement consideration

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Th3 Lions finally have an interior OL on their radar.

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NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

We’re a few hours into free agency, and the Detroit Lions have remained fairly quiet. If they’re plans are to make some splashy move, they haven’t laid their cards on the table quite yet. However, there is a report that they are interested in an interior offensive linemen that just hit free agency:

Joe Berger was part of the Vikings’ offensive line in 2017 that showed much improvement. The Vikings moved him from center to right last season, and he was the team’s best starting offensive linemen, according to Pro Football Focus.

The Vikings reportedly “really want” Berger back in 2018, but at age 35 (soon to be 36), it appears Berger is considering hanging them up.

Berger is originally from Fremont, Michigan, so there is some incentive for him to play out his final years with the Lions. And he would almost be guaranteed a spot on the starting offensive line, seeing as Detroit appears to be moving on from Travis Swanson. That is, unless the Lions decided to draft a younger option that was ready to start on Day 1.

We’ll see what Berger chooses in the upcoming days.