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Friday open thread: Are the Lions better or worse after 2 days of free agency?

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Do you think the Lions have improved yet?

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

There’s a fallacy about free agency. Every team’s fanbase believes that their team gets better during free agency every single year. Any player that they lose “wasn’t worth the money” and every new acquisition just “needed a change of scenery.”

Of course, it’s literally impossible for every team to get better, at least relative to each other. Some signing are not going to work out, while some losses will be truly felt.

The Detroit Lions have not had a flashy two days of free agency thus far. For those expecting a big splash signing, it has to be disappointing to see the Lions, more or less, sit on their hands while some of the best perceived players head elsewhere.

That being said, Detroit has added a few players on defense that will certainly contribute in 2018, and most of the players they have lost in free agency weren’t expected back anyways. So today’s Question of the Day is:

Are the Lions better or worse after two days of free agency?

My answer: Before I get into it, here are the additions and losses through two games:


  • LB Devon Kennard
  • LB Christian Jones
  • DB DeShawn Shead
  • G Kenny Wiggins


  • CB DJ Hayden
  • TE Darren Fells
  • S Don Carey
  • DT Haloti Ngata
  • LB Tahir Whitehead
  • TE Eric Ebron

I think the Lions are marginally better in the secondary, noticeably better at linebacker, but obviously worse at tight end, worse at defensive tackle, and still have a pretty significant hole on the offensive line. So, you’d have to say the Lions are worse right now.

Of course, free agency is far from over. The Lions still have plenty of money to be spent, and are likely to sign at least three or four more players that will contribute heavily in 2018. For example, Detroit has reportedly brought in, or scheduled, the following players in for visits already:

  • TE Brent Celek
  • DT Quinton Dial
  • G/C Matt Slauson
  • DT Ricky Jean Francois
  • RB Frank Gore
  • RB LeGarrette Blount
  • RB DeMarco Murray

Say the Lions were to sign Celek, Francois, Slauson and Gore. At that point, I would say the Lions are a little—but not significantly—better. They will have improved on the offensive line and running back, while still probably worse at tight end and defensive line. Again, it wouldn’t be a very splashy free agency period, but a slow, methodical improvement.

But for now, the Lions are still worse than where they started a few days ago, and even though we should all be patient, it’s admittedly a little hard.

Your turn.


How is the Lions’ roster compared to last year through 2 days of free agency?

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