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Golden Tate may have just revealed the Lions’ next free agent signing

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An Instagram comment may have just given away Detroit’s next free agent acquisition.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions haven’t publicly made a decision on filling their tight end void in free agency, but it appears they may have made it behind the scenes. On Tuesday night, former Seahawks tight end Luke Willson posted his farewell to Seattle on Instagram:

Though Willson makes it clear he is not coming back to the Seahawks, he does not reveal where he’ll be playing in 2018.

However, Lions receiver Golden Tate, who played with Willson for one season in Seattle, may have given it away in the comment section of Willson’s post. Hat tip to Twitter user RainCityRoar for the find:

While nothing is for certain, Golden Tate welcoming Luke Willson to the squad, just a few days after his reported visit to Detroit, seems like a pretty good bet that Willson will be signing with the Lions. Seeing as the two have a playing history together, it’s also likely that the two have personally spoken about it.

But, as always, it’s best not to jump to conclusions in free agency. There’s a realistic chance Tate is simply saying the equivalent to “Welcome to the ex-Seahawks club.”

Things can change very quickly in the NFL, and rumors get proven wrong all the time. Still, this looks like a pretty good sign that Willson is coming to Detroit. Expect an answer soon.

UPDATE: The Lions did end up signing Luke Willson. Thanks for the heads-up, Tate! Read more about the signing here.