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PODcast breaks down Luke Willson, Sylvester Williams with PFF’s Brett Whitefield

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Brett Whitefield of PFF helps break us down what to expect from the 2 newest Detroit Lions.

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After a frustrating week to open free agency, the Detroit Lions kicked it into second gear last week, and the PODcast crew is here to break it all down. But we needed some help. So we brought back one of our favorite recurring guests for the PODcast: Pro Football Focus’ Brett Whitefield—who happens to both be a Lions fan and call Michigan his home, so he knows his stuff.

Brett helps us break down the Lions’ two newest free agent acquisitions: tight end Luke Willson and DT Sylvester Williams. He drops some mad PFF knowledge, but also gives a nice look into what their roles could be for Detroit in 2018.

After that, we briefly turn the page on free agency and finally dip our toes into #DraftSZN. Check it out, and, as always, you can download and subscribe to the PODcast on iTunes, or check us out on Stitcher. We’re also now on Spreaker!

This week on the PODcast:

  • Luke Willson: A super discounted Eric Ebron or a stop-gap, low-level replacement?
  • How will this affect Michael Roberts and his development?
  • Brett breaks down what Willson can and cannot do, and projects what his role will be in Detroit
  • What went wrong with Johnathan Hankins? Is there any chance the Lions could still grab him? The crew debates.
  • Brett and Co. discuss what they think the defensive line is going to look like in 2018.
  • Brett thinks the Lions are going 4-3 more often than people expect. Listen to hear why.
  • Is Devon Kennard a linebacker or a defensive lineman?
  • With free agency almost over, the gang reveals some of our draft crushes and wonders why there’s so much hesitation over Maurice Hurst?
  • The mailbag talks greatest movies ever, favorite March Madness moments and who is to blame for the Ebron divorce.