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2018 NFL mock draft: Lions ignore pass rush, trade back in latest CBS mock

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In a stroke of non-genius, the hypothetical Lions ignore their very real need for a pass rusher and choose a running back in CBS’ latest offering in mock draft content.

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Virginia Tech v Boston College Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

It’s not even April and mock draft season has officially sucked the life force from my being.

In the latest mock draft musings from Chris Trapasso from, the fake Detroit Lions decided to trade their pick at No. 20 to the Los Angeles Rams, and in return the Lions received the No. 23 pick, the No. 111, and “a late-round pick in 2019.”

In a vacuum, this should be something any Lions fan could get on board with. Moving back just three spots to get an extra fourth round pick and a sweetener in 2019? Absolutely. Every single time. Feed me, Seymour; feed me all night long.

However, we don’t live or operate in a vacuum, so, as with all things in life, context matters. In this mock draft, the Rams moved up to Detroit’s spot at 20 to select Harold Landry—a defensive end from Boston College and a player at a position of need for the Lions.

Alright, so you’re not thumping for Landry at this point in the draft season. You have another draft crush. That’s fine, totally fine, because the Lions had plenty of other options to upgrade their defensive line in this mock draft from Trapasso when sitting at 20. The likes of Maurice Hurst, Taven Bryan, and Da’Ron Payne were all still on the board along with Landry. But instead, Trapasso passes on all of those players to plug in Derrius Guice, whom the Lions select with the No. 23 pick—all while Bryan and Payne are still on the board—in this abomination of a mock draft.

An open letter to all of those national writers putting out mock drafts: The Lions running game was broken and flawed from a schematic standpoint. The former offensive line coach was fired on the same day in the same press release as the head coach. He’s now making $50k a year in a legacy position for the Michigan Wolverines:

Detroit will almost assuredly draft a running back in the 2018 NFL Draft, but if a scenario similar to this were to play out, where the Lions pass on upgrading a position of absolute need—Detroit ranked 28th in pressure percentage in 2017 according to Pro Football Focus—and they decide to prioritize a position where the draft is at its deepest—running back—then something really, really wrong is happening in the front office.


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