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Tuesday open thread: Do you approve of the job Rod wood is doing as Detroit Lions president

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Do you think Rod Wood is a good team president?

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

On Monday, we ran our monthly Bob Quinn approval poll. As expected, his numbers took a very slight dive after a free agency period full of tough choices and no-win decisions. Still, the Lions general manager has maintained an approval rating above 70 percent for the entire two years he’s held the position. Right now he’s at about 83 percent.

But in the comment section, there was a discussion about the approval of different person within the Lions organization: team president Rod Wood. Typically, we only do approval polls for general managers and coaches, as they have the biggest influence on the actual product on the field. But we do have one benchmark. Back in January 2017, we asked if you approved of the job Wood was doing, and a whopping 96 percent of you approved.

So let’s see if that number still holds. Today’s Question of the Day is:

Do you approve of the job Rod Wood is doing as team president?

My answer: Yes, I don’t have many complaints. Though Wood’s background doesn’t come from football, he seems to be jumping in with both feet. He was obviously instrumental in bringing in long-overdue changes to Ford Field. He seems to be consistently pushing the league to honor his scheduling requests. And he’s been extremely aggressive in getting big NFL events (ie: the draft, the Super Bowl) to Detroit—even if he has mostly failed thus far.

The biggest knock on Wood is the ticket price increase. Detroit raised ticket prices for the fifth consecutive year in 2018, and while I never like to see Lions fans get priced out of the market—and that’s exactly what’s happening with many—there are plenty of reasons why a price increase makes sense for the Lions.

So even though I was very skeptical of Wood at first, and even though he still seems like an odd outsider, I have to give credit where credit is due. I think Rod Wood has been good for this organization thus far.

Your turn.


Do you approve of the job Rod Wood is doing?

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